How to Configure X-Lite with Cirrus Voice

STEP 1: Download and install X-Lite, the free version. Once you downloaded the application, install it on your machine.

STEP 2: Open X-Lite.

STEP 3: Go to the Softphone tab and click on Account Settings.

STEP 4: Add a new SIP account in the SIP Account window. 

STEP 5: In the Account tab, fill in the login details following the explanations below.

  • Display Name - It can be anything you want, but usually it's a client name.
  • Username - This is the extension number, in our case 0003*001.
  • Password - This is the password you set in Cirrus Voice, in the Edit Extension page.
  • Domain - Please enter the server hostname or IP address.

STEP 6: Press OK and make a test call. Also, be sure you can receive inbound calls after making the inbound rules inside the inbound rules section on Cirrus Voice. 

NOTES: If you are having issues with audio, be sure to check Softphone > Preferences > Device and ensure your audio configuration is correct.

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