1. Open Outlook 2016 and Click the Home tab > New Items > More Items > Outlook Data File

• Give your PST Outlook data file a name and click OK.

TIP: By default, Outlook 2016 stores PST files in the C:\Users\USER\Documents\Outlook Files folder.

2. Creating the file

• With the PST file created, Outlook automatically adds it to your Profile on the left side of the Home Tab. Personally, I like to add the Inbox and Sent Items folders so I can begin archiving old email from my online Mailbox into my PST archive. To do this (or create any folder for that matter), just Right Click the new PST folder and Click New Folder.

3. Creating folders/moving items

Once you create the folders you need, just drag-and-drop emails into your PST file and they will move to your new archive wherever you created it.

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